About WellMTL

We look at mental health, through the student lens.

Ryan is the founder of WellMTL. He started this initiative after battling with depression, a fight that brought him to understand how broken our mental health system is. His work is now centers around addressing the root causes of these failures and solving some of the biggest problems we are facing. Through WellMTL, he is working to help people overcome the barriers associated with caring for their mental health.

Our mission is to spread awareness, overcome stigma, and help students by equipping them with evidence-based information and easy access to resources on mental health. We strive to help students in elementary, high school, all the way through to university level, regardless of their background.

Our vision is to help students overcome all barriers associated with caring for their mental health.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Mental Health does not discriminate and neither do we. We believe in the fair treatment of all individuals regardless of their background. WellMTL offers equitable servicing regardless of gender, ethnicity, background, and income. We actively strive to overcome the additional barriers certain communities may face in taking care of their mental health.


We aim to bring awareness to mental health. We believe awareness can break down social barriers related to mental illness and stigma. We work towards becoming a more mental health literate population, by offering evidence-based presentations and using our platform to spread our knowledge.

Accessibility and Affordability

We believe everyone should have easy and affordable access to mental health resources. We ensure that our programs are accessible and affordable to all by offering our programs for affordable prices or on a sliding scale.

Our Values